In  August 2014 at the age of 42, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. My wife Angela, was 8 months pregnant as we received this news from our oncologist. 

The rigours of chemotherapy or treatment can lead your mind down paths we'd otherwise avoid and confronting mortality is one of those paths.   My father, mother and sister had their beautiful lives curtailed by cancers. The pain of my sisters loss in particular, with three young children, will never diminish. 

Each confronts mortality in their own way, but it is often the case that we consider  the loss of time spent with loved ones amongst our greatest fears. In my case, I worried for what my son would know about me, who would teach him to play cricket and the lost years with my wife. My treatment was difficult, the tests, the prodding, the scans and the wait for results that followed, equally so.

Fortunately for me, my treatment has proven successful but for many the outcome is different. Their treatment affords them time, precious time. Each year over 20,000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancers, thousands more experience similar circumstances that tip their lives upside down.

MYSTORY provides an opportunity for those confronting mortality to preserve their story, for their loved ones. To leave a gift for their children, grandchildren or family, a record of their life or parts of it, in their own words. MYSTORY is a video biography of a persons life as they want it to be told and remembered.

We are proud to support the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and grateful for the support of Toyota NZ and MediaWorks in launching this initiative.

Martin Conway

Founder / Manager of My Story NZ Ltd